Spotcap is an online business lender providing short-term working and growth capital loans to Australian businesses between $10k - $400k, unsecured with no GSA, caveat or asset security, just a personal guarantee.

A Spotcap loan is a flexible alternative to

• Traditional bank debt. Spotcap provides unsecured finance whereas traditional lenders ask you to secure debt against an asset, such as your house.

• Invoice finance. Spotcap allows you to disconnect your short-term borrowing from your invoicing cycle and debtors ledger.

• Raising capital. Spotcap can offer a versatile solution to bridge a funding gap and lets you keep your equity in your business.

What's different about a Spotcap business loan?

Loan applications are processed by an advanced credit scoring algorithm and a team of expert underwriters. Loans are available to Limited Companies, Partnerships, Trusts and Sole Traders that meet eligibility criteria.

Spotcap is an innovative online lender for SMEs which was founded in 2014. Credit decisions are normally made within 24 hours, with direct access to the funds upon approval.

Spotcap use a robust credit assessment process when issuing business loans.

The entire process can be completed online. You can make early repayments without being charged a penalty fee.

Your business must be based in Australia with a valid ABN or ACN Your business must have been operational for at least 18 months

You must have an Australian online bank account

Your business must have turned over at least $200,000 in the last 12 months

Loan approval trends Spotcap are mostly focused on:

• Stable or increasing revenues

• Ability to generate positive cash flow from business and financing operations

• No recent new lending obligations

• If ATO debt – we require approved repayment plan with ATO

• For high-risk industries: risk-mitigating factors including signed contracts

Loans Spotcap don't approve mostly fall under the below category:

• Significantly declining revenues

• Loss-making business

• Critical credit score