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We are not immune to injury, nor illness

We are not immune to injury, nor illness

Income is one of your greatest assets. Most of us do not hesitate to insure our cars, homes and other assets, but rarely explore the need to protect the thing that pays the bills, supports the kids, and keeps the life you love afloat. The bills and costs of living don't stop knocking on the door when injury and illness occur. Income protection is the answer to protecting the longevity of your lifestyle.

If ill or injured, income protection pays up to 75% of your normal wage during the period you are unable to work. While you recover, the money stream allows you to stay on top of bills, school fees, petrol, food, clothing... the list goes on. Generally, the insurance provides this regular income stream up to a pre-determined and agreed benefit period, but now we are getting technical. Keeping it simple, cover can start from as little as $2 a day. Compare this to the lifestyle expense of losing your income – it's not even fair game.

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