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The <span>right</span> financial solution

The right financial solution

I formed RFS as I recognised there was a gap between what customers really needed and what traditional mortgage brokers & financial planners offered.

In the finance market currently the majority of customers get their loan from their broker or bank manager; their car finance from the car yard or via a personal loan; their risk insurance online or from a risk specialist; and they have a number of small Superannuation accounts. None of these specialists in their own field talk to each other, or know of each other's existence in the client's life. On top of this, there is no real ongoing education of clients apart from trying to sell more of the same products. Each of these specialists acts independently of the others. This essentially means more hassle, more time, more money, and a general lack of cohesion between financial products for the client.

This is not the way to create wealth & protect your lifestyle.

So in 2003, I set up a business that strived to close the gap between these specialists. What we offer our clients is a holistic and trusted service - where all of your major financial needs are met in the one place, education on financial products to suit your lifestyle is provided, and access to the right financial solutions is made easy.

We are a team built on professionalism, integrity, and a high level of financial and relationship expertise. I invite you to learn more about the team and what we offer at RFS.

- Steve Carlton, General Manager