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<span>A home loan that suits your needs</span>

A home loan that suits your needs

When you are looking for your first or next home, there are plenty of important features to take note of during those all important property visits. Identifying any extra costs now, from minor replacements to major structural issues, is an important strategy to save you financial hardship in what should be a very exciting endeavour!

Here are a few helpful tricks to get you started:


Turn on the taps and check the water for pressure and clarity. Check the hot water system – is it big enough for your needs and in a good condition? Check plumbing and gutters – are there any drainage issues?


Inspect the walls and tiles for cracks, damp, mould or rot. Pay attention to the age and quality of the fittings and built-ins. Look at the paint – is it covering any structural defects?


As you move around the property, check the opening and closing of doors – do they stick? Check the roof/ceiling – are they sagging? These could be signs of subsidence, which can be an extremely expensive problem to fix.


Check for internet access, positioning of tv antennas, and the accessibility of powerpoints – do these fulfill your needs?

When looking for that perfect house, it is not just about the property itself, but the great space surrounding it. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Is public transport a necessity? How close it is to the property? Don't forget about your prospective commute to work and how far you are willing to travel.


If you have children or are looking to extend your family in the future, schooling may be an important factor. What does the area's school district have to offer and does this match your preferences for that all important education?


How close is the property to areas you most frequent? Is it close enough to sporting facilities, entertainment venues, and/or your family and friends?

Noise and Resale

Is there any structure/facility that may disturb your peace of mind? Look for noise disturbances or potential resale issues (e.g. power poles).