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<span>A home loan that suits your needs</span>

A home loan that suits your needs

How much can I borrow

Maximum borrowing amounts vary greatly between lenders due to differences in lender policy, including what the maximum loan to security value ratio is, family guarantee policy, servicing capacity calculation and numerous other lender policy variants. An RFS Finance broker can sort through this information for you to ensure you find the best fit for your personal situation.

What costs are involved

There can be considerable costs depending on a number of factors. These can range from the amount of your deposit to whether or not you're a first home buyer.

Do I need to have a deposit for a home

No, we have options available that are 0% deposit.

Can I get the First Home Owners Grant at settlement on the Land

Yes, some lenders will allow this, as long as you have your Fixed Price Build Contract, Plans & Specifications completed.