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Achieve your desired goals

Achieve your desired goals

The following steps give you some guidance in terms of what you can expect when meeting and partnering with RFS Wealth Creation.

1 Defining the scope of the partnership

Step 1 involves a conversation between yourself and our Certified Financial Planner, John Vaitsas, to explain the process, clarify your needs and ensure RFS Wealth Creation can meet them. This is an opportunity to ask questions of John about his background and expertise, and ensure you have comfort around the process.

2 Gathering information and identifying goals

Step 2 is where financial and relevant non-financial information is gathered by John to assess your current position and desired future. This step involves assessing your priorities and values in life, and using these to leverage and prioritise your goals.

3 Assessing and planning

Once all relevant information has been gathered, John will perform a holistic assessment of your situation to ensure he has a comprehensive understanding of your position, and the resources you have to achieve the end you desire. John will identify the steps necessary and explain financial strategies to support you in your pursuit. It is at this stage where you will be asked to decide whether you would like to pursue the partnership to the next step, which is the preparation of your financial plan.

4 Your Statement of Advice

Step 4 involves putting everything together in a comprehensive financial plan, called a Statement of Advice. This statement contains the recommended financial strategies and products that have been selected for you, as most suitable to your situation and goals. The document contains supporting material to assist you in your understanding, and justification for the decisions made. John will be available to answer any questions you may have, and to make changes to the plan as required.

5 Implementing the plan

Once you are comfortable with the recommendations proposed, John will support you to implement the steps. This may include completing insurance or investment application forms and arranging the necessary payments.

6 Monitoring and reviewing

Circumstances change, and so too do your lifestyle and financial goals. It is important to monitor and review the plan periodically to ensure it is always aligned to your situation. Should there be any changes required, John will assist you in making the necessary adjustments. How often a review is conducted is completely up to you. RFS Wealth Creation offers a long-term relationship for ongoing access and support from John and our staff.

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