BOQ Specials

The $3,000 refinance cashback offer and the $2,000 investor purchase cashback offer will be extended to include applications submitted until the new application deadline of Monday, 31 January 2022, with a new settlement deadline of Friday, 29 April 2022. All other eligibility criteria will remain unchanged.


· Personal customers taking out a new home loan with BOQ.

· Applications received on or before Monday, 31 January 2022.

· Loans must settle on or prior to Friday, 29 April 2022.

· Minimum new lending of at least $250,000 with maximum LVR of 80%.

· Customers can be eligible for both a single refinance cashback and a single purchase cashback if criteria for both campaigns are met (total $5k).

· Customers who have ever received a similar cashback payment from BOQ will be ineligible for these offers.

· Refinance Cashback:

o The purpose of the loan must be to refinance a loan to BOQ from another financial institution. This excludes refinances from BOQ Specialist, ME Bank and Virgin Money (Australia).

· Investor Purchase Cashback:

o The loan is to purchase an investment property.

o Lending must be flagged as an Investor loan with the purpose of purchasing a residential property – new home or existing – on the loan application


BOQ wants to help our clients achieve their property goals sooner with a simpler and faster process for acquiring finance for a commercial property.

A Lease Doc loan with BOQ reduces the commercial lending documentation requirements and assesses serviceability on a standalone basis. This means using the commercial lease of the property your client is looking to buy, and the income from the lease, to service the debt of the property.

The advantage of choosing a Lease Doc loan is that it simplifies what we need from you to assess the loan, saving you time and giving your client certainty of their application outcome sooner.

What BOQ is offering under a Lease Doc loan:

Business group lending up to $3,000,000

Maximum loan term of the remaining term of the lease minus 1 year

Maximum interest only term the lesser of 5 years or the loan term

Loan-to-value(LVR) ratio up to 70% for standard commercial property