Virgin home loans

Time to check-in. Take out a Virgin Money Reward Me Home Loan and pack your bags…… is a little reminder on what Virgin do.

Owner Occupied Transactions

Purchase and Construction 98% LVR Including LMI, Refinance, cash out and/or consolidation 90% LVR PLUS LMI

Investment Transactions

Purchase and Construction 90% LVR INC LMI, Refinance, cash out and/or consolidation 90% LVR INC LMI, INTEREST ONLY – Now up to 90% LVR Inc LMI (was 80% LVR)

Virgin also allow cash out, guarantors, construction, PAYG, Self Employed, stand alone security and so much more.

Interest Rates

Owner Occupied P&I still as low as 3.64%, Investment P&I still as low as 3.89%

2 and 3 year Fixed Rate specials continue

Owner Occupied 2 years fixed 3.85%, 3 years fixed 3.87%

Investment 2 years fixed 3.95%, 2 years fixed IO 4.14% (Up to 90% LVR Inc LMI), 3 years fixed 3.99%, 3 years fixed IO 4.29% (Up to 90% LVR Inc LMI)

The Reward Me Home Loan is simple, functional, fully featured and the best part is it rewards you in so many ways

Keeping it simple for all customers

• $10 per loan per month also gets you 1,000 Virgin Velocity Points per loan per month

• 10,000 Virgin Velocity Points per $100,000 at settlement for all customers and all loan purposes

• Additional 20,000 Virgin Velocity Points for a new credit card bundled in with the home loan application

• Additional points for other products if you opt in for KYC Know Your Customer cross sell (Home, Contents, Income Protection and Life Insurance)

• No cost companion account (100% Offset) with each Reward Me Home Loan

• 30,000 Virgin Velocity Points at each 3 year anniversary for loyalty