ANZ Offer $1200 switching Incentive

We are excited to let you know that from 31 December 2015, ANZ is extending a discretion to offer customers up to $1,200 for new owner occupied refinance loans greater than $300k.

We have all seen an increasingly competitive refinance market and ANZ helps us ensure we are equipped with the right tools to help with refinance lending with ANZ.

  • Terms: New refinance loans must be submitted by 30 April 2016
  • To be eligible for the switching cost reimbursement, loans must be drawn down or limit activated by 31 July 2016
  • Reminder: Switching discretion is only available for Owner Occupied refinance lending and no longer for Investor refinance lending

Eligibility criteria

  • Available for home loan refinances from OFI (other financial institutions)
  • Requires new to bank lending under the ANZ Breakfree package of at least $300k for up to $1,200 switching cost reimbursement
  • There must be a refinance portion to the application; for example $100,000 refinance plus $300,000 in new ANZ lending is acceptable i.e. meets $300k new to bank lending requirement
  • Customer must meet eligibility in order to be offered the $1,200 payment
  • Eligible loans must be submitted by 30 April 2016 and be drawn down by 31 July 2016
  • This can include all lending options under the Breakfree package i.e. Fixed Rate, Standard Variable for owner occupiers
  • The payment is for the customer relationship / group, not per product, i.e. $1,200 max.