AFG Niches

AFG offer a suite of options in their lending panel. Some of their most popular policies provide real solutions for our clients. These include:-

  • Self Employed Servicing – exclude business debts (Corporate Entities only)
  • Actual Payments + 20% on existing debt not being refinanced
  • Tax Debt at low Investment rates – no LMI or Risk Fees
  • Low Doc up to 80% LVR with no LMI or Risk Fees
  • Bridging Finance – servicing on end debt
  • Using most recent year's self employed income in isolation
  • 1-month Casual – must have 12 months industry experience
  • Non-genuine Savings at 90% including LMI – 3.74% O/O P&I – 100% Offset - Nil Ongoing
  • Large acreage property up to 50ha – max LVR 70%

A recent scenario AFG assisted with:-

Cash out for Commercial Property:-

Refinance Home Loan and access $300,000 Cash Out to assist with Commercial Property Purchase

80% LVR

Large Cash Out

Commercial Purpose

Multiple Income Sources

Client is a PAYG professional who also operates own business as a Sole Trader. The self employed business is growing which means that they are pulling back from the PAYG position.