Home Loan Review

With over 1 in 3 Australians estimated to be costing themselves thousands of dollars a year it is a great time to review your loan. At RFS we periodically offer reviews to clients however many clients put this in the too hard basket & it's costing many a lot of money.

Refinancing your home or investment loans should be a high priority for Australians as there are a number of lenders chasing market share with "Great Deals" at present. Based on a standard variable rate of 4.35% against a current special offer of (say) 3.88% there is a potential interest saving of $25,085 on a $350,000 loan balance. Of course everyone's circumstances are different & one lenders better rate today may not be better in the long term. This is why we recommend regular reviews of your current loan. Savings also need to be considered in line with comparison rates.

(*Please note that this should not be considered as an indication of approval of finance, as this will be subject to the financier's normal credit assessment procedures. The financial institutions will not be bound by the quote until final terms are agreed and formal documentation is signed. This is not a substitute for financial or professional advice. The content is provided by RFS Finance using lenders advertised rates, not the Comparison Rate Schedule. RFS Finance makes no representation or warranties in relation to the content.)