BOQ Campaign

BOQ's home lending campaign launched in September. Designed to target first home buyers who are looking to buy their first home, as well as people buying their next home or refinancing their current home, a range of offers are available:

Intro Rate Variable Home Loan Launch

Special Offers

BOQ launched their new Intro Rate Variable Home Loan, which is a fully featured home loan that offers a great discounted variable rate for the first two years and then rolls to a discounted Clear Path Variable Rate for the remaining term.

The campaign rates for the two year intro period and the roll-to period are in the table below:

Please note the following restrictions apply:

• Only available until Sunday 16 December 2018;

• Not available for refinance or restructure of existing BOQ lending;

• New to Bank lending only, with minimum $150k loan amount;

• LVR 90% or lower with LMI held (LVR 90% inclusive of capitalised LMI);

• Lending with LVR 80% to 90% with no LMI is not eligible;

• Lending with LVR over 90% is not eligible;

• Construction loans: the intro discount is applied to the Interest Only reference rate during the construction period.